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The Premiere of Qoros 5 SUV at Guangzhou Auto Show

Innovation Driving Qoros towards A New Horizon
Qoros Showcases Qoros 3 Q•LECTRIQ EV Concept, Innovative QamFree Engine Technology and newly launched Qoros 5 SUV at 2016 BJAS


[April 25, 2016] Qoros Automotive Co., Ltd. (Qoros) is accelerating its business development in the Chinese market by launching a series of innovative technology and brand new products at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show (BJAS). Among the showcasing products, the brand new Qoros 3 Q•LECTRIQ concept car, along with the Qoros 5 SUV Q•LECTRIQ concept car, reveals the ambitious progress of the company’s new energy strategy. The innovative QamFree engine, a revolution of the traditional internal combustion engine technology, delivers significantly improved power performance while reducing engine size and emissions. The newly launched Qoros 5 SUV represents the refined product and world-class quality that Qoros has always been committed to providing its Chinese customers.

“These are exciting times at Qoros. We are ramping up sales of our new Qoros 5 SUV, while continuing our tradition of keeping our Qoros line up in the forefront of technological innovation. Our electric vehicle roadmap is robust, and our cooperation with Christian Koenigsegg stands to change how the industry views combustion engines,” said Mr. Chen Anning, Chairman/CEO of Qoros. “Both shareholders of Qoros are pleased with what we see coming down the road and will offer support as always to the future growth of the company.”

New member to Qoros EV family makes debut

Following the debut of Qoros 5 SUV Q•LECTRIQ concept car in January, Qoros 3 Q•LECTRIQ concept car - a new addition to the company’s electric vehicle family - makes its debut at BJAS. Qoros 3 Q•LECTRIQ is featured with striking performance parameters: 350km distance per charge, 7.9 seconds for 0-100kph acceleration, 162kph top speed, and 80% quick charge within 1 hour. The pre-production car of the Qoros 3 Q•LECTRIQ concept is scheduled to hit the road in the fourth quarter of 2016 and the mass production will start in 2017. With the ambitious progress of Qoros’ new energy strategy, Qoros will launch more affordable and accessible green products desired by customers in the future.

Innovative power technology revealed by joining hands with legendary Koenigsegg

Advanced and efficient power technology is crucial to improving and enriching the driving experience. At 2016 BJAS, Qoros demonstrates the innovative QamFree engine technology jointly developed by Qoros and FreeValve, established by Christian von Koenigsegg, the founder of the famous Swedish “Ghost Sports Car” Koenigsegg. QamFree is a disruptive innovation to the traditional internal combustion engine. Through pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuator, it achieves an independent control of each valve and replaces the traditional camshaft valve control system, thoroughly liberating the respiration of the engine. Compared to traditional engines, the QamFree engine can achieve the integrative effect of stronger power output, lower fuel consumption, reduced emission and smaller engine package. This exciting technological progress will bring richer imaginary space for the power system performance of Qoros’ future models. It’s also expected to meet the latest car emission requirements in both Europe (Euro 6) and China (Beijing 6).

The Qamfree engine showcased at BJAS was beautifully displayed with a transparent hood revealing the engine in its full glory. One could easily access and observe the engine on a stand next to the car, clearly showcasing its inspiring innovation and its simplicity. Christian von Koenigsegg made a personal appearance at the Qoros booth, introducing the technological highlights of QamFree power system. He said, “Koenigsegg and Qoros share a lot in common. Both are dedicated to the constant innovation and application of cutting-edge technologies in order to provide customers with world-class products and inspirational brand experience desired by customers. It is Qoros’ independence, persistence and visionary innovative spirit that facilitate this cooperation.”

Refined and world-class product portfolio

Qoros has an excellent talent pool which gathers top designers and engineers from the auto industry worldwide. This enables the company to develop and produce car models that can directly compete with established international brands. The newly launched Qoros 5 SUV showcased at BJAS perfectly interprets the core product competitiveness of the Qoros product line-up: exquisite technology with world-class quality, international design language with unique style, industry-leading smart connectivity, accurate and steady performance and inspirational customer driving experience.

The refined Qoros products have been well recognized by top organizations in the global auto industry. Qoros 3 Hatch and Qoros 3 City SUV respectively received the Honorary Red Dot Design Award in 2014 and 2016, and the latter also won the prestigious iF Design Award; Qoros 3 Sedan obtained a five-star rating from Euro-NCAP in 2013 and received a five-star+ rating with record-breaking performance in C-NCAP in 2015; Qoros 3 Sedan obtained the gold medal rating in 2016 C-ECAP.

The spirit of “independence, persistence and dare to be different”

Qoros, as an innovation-driven startup enterprise, has been relentless in the pursuit of innovating new business models, technology and customer experience. QorosQloud®, the car’s integrated connected services system, has recently undertaken a major upgrade to its 3.0 version, which is also being displayed at BJAS. The new version of QorosQloud® has creatively introduced the function of social networking, which allows the car owners to establish their own circle of car friends, organize offline activities, and conduct in-depth interaction with other car owners by simply moving their fingers, thus evolving cars from merely a way of transportation into a new form of social life. This is a major step forward for Qoros in its ambitious exploration of the way of future mobility.

Driving towards a promising future

Motivated by the mission of delivering refined products with world-leading quality and the spirit of independence, persistence and daring to be different, Qoros is growing steadily towards a better future. In the first quarter of this year, Qoros achieved 97% year-on-year wholesales growth. The Qoros 5 SUV launched in March has now accumulated over three thousands orders at the dealership. Shareholders are committed to continuously supporting Qoros’ future development in achieving its business goals. Full of confidence in its goals and strategies, Qoros is gearing up to drive into a promising future.

PREV: Unlock the Engine’s Potential QamFree Innovative Power Technology Brings New Vitality To Traditional Engines
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The Premiere of Qoros 5 SUV at Guangzhou Auto Show
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